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Adore Grey Travel Shoe Pouch

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Adore Grey Travel Shoe Pouch

Convenience and Hygienic

Shoe bags are the perfect travel companion for your shoes. Everyone should use shoe bags. Seems like an obvious one but shoes are dirty especially when you’re traveling. Just imagine the bottom of your shoes when you had walked miles in the city an...

More Oraganised Travel

Not only are your shoes or high heels protected from scruffs, but your luggage will be more organized and look much nicer than using the infamous recycled plastic grocery bag. If you have a very detailed system for packing clothing, using plastic gro...

Washable Travel Shoe Bag

Cosmus Adore shoe bags are a must-have for travelers who like only to use carry on luggage. The fabric is thin and PU coated water resistace fabric makes the shoe bag more durable and washable, fits around the shoes, so it takes up no extra space. Th...


12.75 x 4.5 x 9.25 inches Fit size 12 in men and up to 2 inch high heels...