Many companies today promise the same thing, but there is still only one Cosmus.
We hope this comparison between Cosmus and another brand gives you a
better idea of what to look for.

Fabric Coating


PU Coating

Known as Poly Coating. PU Coating is the application of polyurethane  a type of polymer to the surface of fabrics with the aim to strengthen and protect the material. This protective film is applied on back side of Cosmus fabrics which makes fabric light weight, water resistant and more durable. PU Coating doesn’t looses its strength in extreme temperatures and stays intact upto 10 years.

Other Brands

PVC Coating

PVC Stands for Polyvinylchloride and its majorly used by all local manufacturers. Though PVC coating makes fabric water resistant but weight of fabric increases and it become more stiff. PVC Coated doesn’t last long, For ex. remember your rectangular school bags, the layer which used come out of fabric was PVC Coating. Bags with PU coated fabric are heavy, have less carrying capacity and durability

Fabric Denier

420 to 1000 Denier

Denier is a metric used to describe what is essentially thickness or density. It was originally intended to measure varying sizes of strands of silk and is the mass in grams of 9,000 meters of a strand of the yarn. The lesser the denier, the stronger the fabric as more threads come in per square inch. At Cosmus, we use polyester and nylon fabrics in 420D to 1000 D

1200 to 1680 Denier

Local manufacturers use fabrics between 1200 to 1680 D, which is why there bags are less durable and have half life span compared to Cosmus bag.

Runner & Zips

Reverse Coil Zips

Basic or Reverse? Does your zipper show its teeth? If the front side of the zipper, with the slider and pull, shows the teeth, you have a regular coil zipper. If there is fabric covering the teeth, it is a reverse coil zipper. At Cosmus, we use reverse coil zipper which makes our bags more water resistant and with custom heavy duty Cosmus pullers you can feel the smoothness while operating zip.

Regular Coil Zips

Regular coil zippers with normal pullers are abrasive while using, breaks easily and allows seepage into bags compartments.

Foam Padding

High Density Foam

We use high density foam for padding in shoulder sleeve, laptop sleeve, bag base and grab loops which gives better protection against fall and the density stays intact longer to provide you with more comfort.

Regular Foam

Local manufacturers use less density foam which tends to loose its density within 6 months of regular use, exposing your gadgets to major damage on falls and uncomfortable to carry.



At Cosmus, we have our manufacturing unit in Mumbai spread across in 10,000 sq.ft where we manufacture more than 50,000+ bags every month ensuring quality of every single product. We are proud of making our products in India.


Majority brands source their backpacks either from China or Bangladesh.

Our Ideology

At Cosmus, we strive to create highest quality products at the most affordable prices in order to provide people access to necessary travel gear that connect them to the world and ultimately, their dreams

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